Workmanship Guarantee
With Modern Quality Flooring, we care about providing top notch work and using only the best materials to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the durability and performance of our flooring workmanship and products.

    One-Year Workmanship Guarantee
We stand by our craftsmanship. Our team of professionals have years of qualified experience under their belts, so we can guarantee our work is solid. If you find defects or inconsistencies in our work, we will do our best to rectify them free of charge.

    Warranty Limitations
While we warrant that our work and products are free of defects and exceeds the industry standards, certain conditions, including but not limited to flooding, fire and excessive wear and tear, are not under our control and is not covered by our Workmanship Guarantee.

    Third-Party Products
We cannot guarantee products that you provide for us if it's a product that we do not recommend. Please look to the manufacturer's warranty to fix or replace those products.
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