Modern Quality Flooring is Chicago's resource for affordable high quality flooring and installation.  Honesty and hard work are our key differentiators from the competition because we understand that this is not only your house it is your home. 
    We will take all necessary steps to assure quick and quality work while working until YOU are satisfied with our service.

    We try to give our customers the best prices we can by negotiating with suppliers and purchasing roll specials so we stock better quality materials for a good price.
    We have a large selection of hardwood floor and stain colors available. No one has to wait for the flooring order to be delivered. Once the customer decides, we can deliver the next day.

    Areas of Service
We provide service to homes and businesses throughout Chicago and its suburbs. We also welcome any contracts beyond our primary area. Call us today at (773) 381-1087 to get your free estimate.
Business Hours
Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 6:30 pm
Saturday  7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Modern Quality Flooring uses Eco-friendly finishes and stains that are the new standard in every industry, and we deliver environmentally safe hardwood floor refinishing to you by using the most advanced dust free floor sanding and refinishing equipment available. We also use hardwood stains and finishes that are GreenGuard Certified and eco-friendly, your pets, children, and household safe from harmful dust and fumes.
Call us for a free estimate today for your hardwood floor refinishing and all types of installation needs and join our growing list of satisfied clients.
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